I have created the HR Business Leader Mentoring and Workshop program with the goal to shift, cultivate the business mind- and skillset of HR Professionals, inspire and support them to rise as a true business leader who can add value to any part of their company.

Have you ever found it challenging…

  • to get access to the top management and gain credibility at the top level?
  • to demonstrate how HR impacts the business outcomes?

Have you ever experienced that…

  • you were not invited to a business meeting where important people related decision was made?
  • you were not informed by the top management about organization relevant changes and you were put in front of ready facts too late?
  • your initiatives were not supported by top management?

According to management teams, most of the HR leaders haven’t proven yet their worth for the business outside the knowledge of their own products and services. HR leaders meets with increased pressure to show the return on investment for human capital initiatives, activities and contribute to the bottom line of the business.

I believe HR leaders are aware it needs to change and have a clear mandate for change from the top management, but they’re struggling with the execution.

That’s why they often face to negative judgment, rejection, provocative – painful, but often true – criticism. If they do not pursue any changes now, their role will become quickly obsolete and they will put in risk the future existence of HR function in their organization.

So how would you rate your own skills and preparedness for becoming HR business leader? What are your skills gaps? How are you planning to address these gaps? How you will rise to your new challenges? What will be the business impact of not addressing your skills gaps?

If you want to evolve from HR functional leader to HR business leader and closer align HR initiatives and activities with business goals resulting in measurable, positive business impact, then join to the HR Business Leader program!

You will understand how you can transform from HR leader to business leader, how to think, act and take responsibility like a business leader and how to earn functional and individual credibility in the top management.

I’m Gyöngyvér Martin, the creator and founder of the HR Business Leader program.

About the HR Business Leader program

About the HR Business Leader program

The program is divided up to two parts:

3 roundtable sessions are about

  • how the global economic landscape changes and what is its impact on your business
  • how to make a big, positive impact on the function and your organization’s success by shifting from transactional to transformational HR role
  • how to anticipate and remove typical roadblocks during the transition
  • what to do to become the strategic business leader your business needs you to be
  • how to translate critical HR responsibilities to the bottom-line and quantify those results
  • how to earn functional and individual credibility in the top management

3 practice-oriented sessions are about

  • co-creating two strategic HR case studies with business impact of each participant via roundtable discussions, feedback sessions and team ideation

All business information revealed by the participants during
the HR Business Leader program will remain strictly confidential.

Part 1

Strategies for Moving from HR Leader to Business Leader

1st session / Date: 27.01.2021

Think like a business leader

Description: Today’s economic environment is changing at a rapid space. Opportunities abound and organizations must be agile enough to swiftly change and adapt to new market demands and conditions. Every business conversation starts with one question: “What business need does this issue address?”

  • The new growth game
  • Reimaging your business and organization’s potential
  • Transforming your workforce
  • Leading in uncertainty
2nd session / Date: 24.03.2021

Act like a business leader

Description: The perception of HR’s role within and outside the organization needs to change in order for HR to achieve its business-centric focus and exponentially increase its value to the organization.

  • From transactional to transformational HR lead
  • Redefining your role as business leader
  • Typical roadblocks during the transition
  • Take the lead: powerful traits of successful business leaders
3rd session / Date: 19.05.2021

Take responsibility like a business leader

Description: You have to make sure you are not doing HR for HR’s sake. For every initiative, system, tool or process you propose, you need to constantly be asking yourself “Why are we doing this? How it is creating value for your company and its customers/shareholders/stakeholders?”

  • Create and improve organizational capabilities
  • Unleash and increase organizational capacity
  • Focus on business value creation and performance
  • Prove HR bottom-line impact
Part 2

Co-creation of participants’ strategic HR case studies with business impact

3 sessions / Date: 24.02.2021, 21.04.2021, 16.06.2021

Bring the draft of two your strategic HR case studies with business impact (it can be anything you are planning to implement in 2021 or beyond) and 1 question to each you want to get an answer, idea or confirmation on from the participants.

Your 5 key takeaways from the HR Business Leader Mentoring and Workshop program

  • Shift your perspectives from function-centric to business-centric
  • Understand how to become a proactive and effective business leader who can directly impact major business initiatives
  • Anticipate, diagnose and recommend solutions for challenges and opportunities that arise in the business and organization
  • Collaborate effectively with your CEO, CFO and others on your senior leadership team
  • Closer align HR initiatives, activities with business goals resulting in measurable, positive business impact

If you want to prove through your transformation that HR can be a vital, strategic and defining force in your organization, to earn more trust, influence and credibility among your business peers and to stand out from your fellow HR leaders do not hesitate! Join the program now!

Details of the program


The program consists of 6 roundtable sessions including access to tools, articles, videos, international professional network.


Each mentoring & workshop session lasts for 2 hours and the recommended frequency is once a month.


Each mentoring & workshop session is online. Recording is available till 10 days after each session.


E-mail and phone availability for all participants between sessions upon request.


All business information revealed by the participants during the HR Business Leader program will remain strictly confidential.

I recommend the HR Business Leader program to

  • Human resources leaders from midsize to large companies, especially those who report to the CEO or are member of the top leadership team
  • Senior executives who are on the path to becoming HR leaders
  • Senior HR business partners who strive for a career as HR leaders
About me

About me

  • As an executive leader, supervisory board member and consultant – with a professional qualification in psychology and economics – for over 20 years, I have been supporting international and local businesses in the Central and Southeastern Europe region to transform and grow. My aim is to inspire and engage business leaders and HR professionals in a meaningful way so that they can build and nurture a prosperous and thriving organization and can transform work into a compelling and fulfilling experience.
  • As a mentor I support HR professionals to become business leaders, inspire and develop the future HR generation. This strong commitment encouraged me to establish the HR Business Leader program.
    I’m very proud of the successes of my mentees. One of the most touching feedbacks I have received was: “She helped me to gain courage and self-confidence on a professional and enjoyable way. The most important lesson I learnt is to be business-centric and how to achieve sustainable credibility and influence in the leadership team.”
  • As a blogger I have been regularly writing and posting business HR related articles on HR Portál Hungary and on LinkedIn.
    I consider my professional activity to be my vocation, I carry it out with deep humility, responsibility and constant dedication.

HR Business Leader Mentoring and Workshop

The dates of the online program
27. January 2021
21. April 2021
24. February 2021
19. May 2021
24. March 2021
16. June 2021
Always on Wednesday between 06:00-08:00 PM CET

1.800 EUR

+20% TAX in Austria
Live, interactive, practice-oriented online program
Exclusive, for maximum 3 participants
Recording is available till 10 days after each session
Application deadline: 06. January 2021
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Frequently asked questions

What is the ordering, payment and application process?
  • Use the Click to Apply to the workshop button.
  • Fill in the form with your details. The form is simple and easy to follow, you can go through it in a minute.
  • Billing is based on the billing information you provide. So, make sure you enter your information correctly and accurately.
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  • You will receive access link a few days before the program. I use the Zoom online platform.
    If you can’t find any email from me, look it in your spam folder. Unfortunately, sometimes happens that the email got in your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, please write to me at gymartin@hrlead.at and I’ll see right away what the problem might be.
What technical tools are needed to participate in the program?

To participate in the program, participants will need an internet connection, a
computer/laptop/tablet or mobile phone, as well as a microphone and a camera.

How to look at program recordings?

Recordings of the programs can be viewed through a link, which I’ll send to the participants 1 day after each program. The recording can be replayed and watched for 10 days from that date.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this webpage, please email me at gymartin@hrlead.at or call me at +43 664 282 1949. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.