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Sie sind Führungskraft oder HR-ExpertIn in der Region Zentral- und Osteuropa? Perfekt! Hier sind Sie genau richtig: Holen Sie sich Inspiration, Rat und Unterstützung, um eine erfolgreiche, zukunftsfähige und florierende Organisation aufzubauen und weiterzuentwickeln!


Für Führungskräfte

Erfolgreiche, zukunftsfähige und florierende Organisationen sind einzigartig. Sie verfügen über sorgfältig ausgearbeitete gemeinsame Ziele, starke Werte und eine einzigartige Kultur.


Für HR-Expert/Innen

Ihr Leben als HR-Business-PartnerIn ist selten vorhersehbar und niemals langweilig. Diese Position ist sehr interessant, dynamisch und abwechslungsreich. Dennoch werden Sie vielleicht feststellen, dass sich Ihre Rolle im Laufe der Jahre verändert hat.

Die Arbeit mit mir

Die Arbeit

mit mir

Ich unterstütze Unternehmensorganisationen und individuelle KundInnen dabei, ihr gesamtes Potential zu entfalten, indem ich mein Wissen, meine Expertise und meine praktischen Einsichten anwende und teile: mit Begeisterung, Motivation und Inspiration. Mithilfe dieser kurzen, aber wichtigen Seite können Sie entscheiden, ob eine Zusammenarbeit infrage kommt.

  • HR that starts with the business doesn't get as much resistance from the business.
    Dave Ulrich
    Speaker, Author, Professor, Thought Partner on HR, Leadership and Organization
  • The best HR leaders I know have been labelled maverick at one time or another because they've built something that went against the norm, they've challenged the status quo, and they've seen beyond the perceived limitations of their function and therefore extended well beyond it.
    Ben Whitter
    Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker
  • What makes a great CHRO, great? Many things actually. First, they must know how to effectively scale people—helping key individuals make a massive impact across the entire organization. Second, they must become a trusted consigliere to the CEO. Third, they must feel comfortable with a seat at the board room table, debating future strategic options. And finally, the very best CHRO’s are visionary. They focus on reinvention, not just replication.
    Huggy Rao
    Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • This is HR's moment of truth to lead the organization in navigating the future of work and prepare workers for the next decade. As HR leaders, we need to see all the possibilities, challenge our mindset and lead this disruption of work. This is our opportunity to show how we navigate the future of work.
  • CEOs would ideally want HR leaders to not only simply understand the functions of HR, but also to understand what Marketing is doing, what Finance is up to, what Sales is achieving, and how Operations is coming along. And they want us to ask, "How can I help?" That's company-centric HR.
    Rita Trehan
  • HR is the best job in the world. There 's no other role that gives you access to every part of the business. My vision is that HR becomes one of the top careers people want in the future.
    Rita Trehan
    Award-winning Business Transformation Expert | Strategy guru | Author | Former Chief People Officer | Speaker & Founder of Dare Worldwide
  • The best thing that HR can give to the employees is an organization that is winning at the marketplace.
    Dave Ulrich
    Speaker, Author, Professor, Thought Partner on HR, Leadership and Organization
  • I always knew there was one thing, above all else, that we would have to get right in order to thrive: our human capital. That’s your guiding light, your North Star that will keep propelling you toward greatness.
    Paul Sarvadi
    Chairman, CEO at Insperity; Author of Take Care of Your People: The Enlightened CEO's Guide to Business Success
  • I spend the a huge part of my time with the business as a whole, rather than just in HR. Listening to business leaders, speaking with our teams, learning from our people... It's the key to understanding what’s going on, seeing what we can pull for in talent, organisation and culture in order to make a difference. Your people ARE your business.
    Leena Nair
    Chief HR Officer at Unilever
  • The CHRO needs first to be a business person with the same goals and understanding of the business as the CEO and CFO. Only then can the CHRO bring forward the human capital portion of the strategy, which would then align with the CEO’s and CFO’s vision. When the CHRO stands separate and apart from these two key partners, he or she stands alone and unaligned. When the CHRO stands shoulder to shoulder, the full potential of the senior team and the business can more readily be realized.
    Kevin Silva
    Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Voya Financial
  • Think like a CEO before acting like a CHRO.

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