Working with me

I support business organizations and individual clients to unleash their full capacity by applying and sharing my knowledge, expertise and practical wisdom on a passionate, inspirational and committed way. This short but important page will help you decide if we should work together.

How I work

as a human capital advisor
  • My approach is business-centric, holistic and strategic
  • I invest time to become familiar with a client’s industry and to get to know the management team
  • I really listen in order to understand and I carefully analyse the situation
  • I help my clients to reflect on vision, beliefs, values, culture, processes, leadership style and organizational behaviour
  • I find the root cause of short- and long-term issues and I provide simple, implementable and effective solutions for the short and long term
  • I often challenge the status quo
  • I strive for tangible and measurable achievements within the agreed period of time

With whom I work

  • I do work with business leaders who consider people to be a company’s main asset, who are forward-thinking, curious, ambitious and challenging, who want to develop and thrive, who demonstrate supportiveness and empathy and who have a good sense of humour

Are you intrested in the human capital advisory activities?

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How I work

as a mentor
  • I walk alongside my mentees to show them what they can do and share with them my experiences
  • I am objective, focused and aim to strike a conscious balance between challenging and supporting my clients
  • I inspire and encourage people and create a learning environment with fun
  • I am achievement oriented and tailor my work to the individual needs of my mentee
  • I use online assessment to create awareness of drivers, strong points and blind spots

With whom I work

  • I do work with HR professionals who are interested in business and numbers, and who are enthusiastic about people, ambitious, proactive, forward-thinking, curious, willing to reflect and change, and who are open-minded and empathic

Wold you like to develop as an HR professional?

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  • Gyöngyvér is a very experienced HR professional, who is utilizing her knowledge and skills to mentor leaders in the HR world. I had a chance to be mentored by her during period as an HR manager in Linde Material Handling back in 2020, facing a few challenges with organisational transformation and self-development as a leader. Gyöngyvér is a modern mentor, who understands the importance of continuous change and rapid development of strategic HR management. She professionally supports HR leaders with a healthy combination of mentoring and coaching them. With a continuous follow-up of the progress also after the official process is over, she deserves full trust and also proves that it is her passion to make better leaders. Besides mentoring processes, Gyöngyvér also publishes valuable articles focusing on various topics, that we can all learn from. If you are an HR leader and you would like to work with an inspiring mentor, do not hesitate to call Gyöngyvér!
    Kornél Lázár
    HR Director at Ceva-Phylaxia
  • Less than a year before meeting Gyöngyvér, I began working in a new role as HR generalist, and we connected when I faced to the challenge building the HR function from scratch in our agile organisation. We have thoroughly explored all areas of HR, thoughtfully matched and tailored the HR practices and tools to the culture, work style and business needs of the company. She showed me what a forward-looking, structured and practical HR function should look like. She helped me to gain courage and self-confidence on a professional and enjoyable way. The most important lesson I learnt is to be business-centric and how I create company-centric HR function. I strongly recommend Gyöngyvér to anyone who wants to learn the essence of modern HR in an immediately usable way.
    Judit Halász
    HR Generalist at Stylers Group
  • Less than a year ago I started a new role with Diageo, and I connected with Gyöngyvér when there was a lot of change going on in my life, so it has been great to get advice and guidance from her. The most important lesson I learnt is to reflect back on my work and how I approach things. She provided a great sounding board and gave me some new perspective. We had worked through my initial goals – increase my strategic focus and credibility, build great relationship with difficult stakeholders, remain calm and professional in very challenging and fast changing situations – and she helped me build my confidence and realize my potential. She introduced me other disciplines of HR too (HR analytics, agile reward, HR digitalization) and made sure that I am continuously developing my professional knowledge and skills and be up-to-date with HR trends. Gyöngyvér pulled me up and challenged me. I highly recommend Gyöngyvér as a Mentor to any HR Professionals who want to shift and cultivate their professional mind- and skill set.
    Mariann Máté
    Global HR Business Partner at Diageo
  • As a co-founder and former chairman of Euromedic International, I had the opportunity to work together with Ms. Gyöngyvér Martin. It was a very exciting period of our corporate life as we started to implement a completely new strategy to transform a Hungarian company into a dynamic European healthcare provider. She has had a pivotal role to connect the business and the HR side to work together for this strategy goal. Gyöngyvér has always been a very good team member with very constructive to face with the ordinary and extraordinary challenges in the management’s life. She was always ready to learn during the various level of discussions from the partners opinion and experience. She was one of the managers who were able to see and understand the impact of the big picture surrounding of our company, helping to find the reasonable compromise and solutions. Gyöngyvér has a very clear communication style, honest and intelligent, which helps to have her partners accepted her opinion. I am absolutely sure that corporates and managers will be very satisfied to work with her and will share my opinion.
    János Mészáros
    Co-founder and former Chairman of Euromedic International
  • We both have started our career at Hill International, later Gyöngyvér became our regular customer. She is conscious, very-well organised, high calibre HR executive. She does not lose sight of the big picture, she is 'down-to-earth' and 'leading by example' type of person. Transparency, clarity and ethics are obvious for her. I am looking forward to working with her again.
    Zsolt Fazekas
    Managing Partner at HILL International Hungary
  • In my role as Chairman of the newly created Marsh Region Austria and Central and Eastern Europe I met Gyöngyver Martin some years ago when she was appointed Head of HR. Not an easy task since we were new and we had to deal with quite a lot of offices and -more importantly- cultures. I must say that Gyöngyver showed me what HR really is, how you can work with different techniques and procedures in order to create a sensible HR structure. And not only that. If I needed professional advice in HR matters, she showed a surprisingly good understanding of our business. Even after my return to the Netherlands I am still in regular contact with Gyöngyver who is always available with helpful ideas.
    Christiaan Zevenbergen
    Former Chairman of Central & South Eastern Europe at Marsh
  • Gyöngyvér helped me analysing and determining whether a career change into HR would be the right step for me by sharing her broad knowledge and offering a detailed insight view into the HR business. Once I had taken the decision to pursue this new career path, Gyöngyvér provided complete guidance to find a suitable university program that would meet my expectations and needs. Gyöngyvér is an excellent listener and outstanding analyst who knows how to challenge and encourage her mentees by asking difficult-to-answer-questions that lead them to set goals and define measures. I would recommend Gyöngyvér to all young professionals and career shifters in the HR sector seeking a committed mentor who leads her protégés to their destination without giving away the roadmap while offering full professional and emotional support.
    Gina Longo
    HR Business Partner at ACL
  • As Managing Director I had a privilege to work with Gyöngyvér for a couple of years in Europe. Her strong business insight and business centric approach made her a real sparring partner. She understood the business context, goals and the broader picture, what she has incorporated into a proper and efficient HR strategy. Gyöngyvér was open, ready to speak up and provide me and my organization with different perspectives, ideas and solutions on how to reach meaningful turn around and how to move business forward. In the execution and follow ups she was reliable, delivered high quality on time. She managed a close and regular proximity to leaders, managers and employees, the cooperation with her was always fruitful. She acted as a talent scout, she has identified, attracted and developed critical talents which was key to our success and growing competitive power on the market. Gyöngyvér’s communication style is polite but direct and clear without hidden agenda. Even today - almost 5 years after taking different geographical and career directions - , I find extremely valuable to talking to her and to receiving advice and feedback from her time to time.
    Predrag Amidzic
    Managing Director East Africa at Pernod Ricard