Last week I have attended ‘CIO leadership vision for 2022: trends, challenges & priorities’ webinar organized by Gartner for IT.

If you asked me WHY I would answer that understanding different functional trends, challenges and priorities brings me much closer to the business and my executive peers. Great way to learn the business language.

CIOs continue to play a critical role in driving digital transformation across the business and enable desired business outcomes.

Let me share with you my personal takes away and conclusion.

The CIO’s new purpose is to equip and empower others to safely build digital capabilities, channels and products that drive growth/revenue, save money, and minimize risks.

Trends like

  • Digital business acceleration
  • More work is becoming technology work
  • The future of work is hybrid

are creating tremendous room for strategic cooperation between CIOs and CHROs/HR leaders. 

Solutions like

  • Supporting agile culture and way of working
  • Evangelizing and adopting composable business thinking
  • Redesigning roles and responsibilities
  • Changing organizational design and structure
  • Hiring and training more digital skills
  • Designing human-centric work
  • Redesigning work for a hybrid model
  • Creating digital employee experience

need from them common vision, commitment and actions.

CIOs and CHROs/HR leaders joining forces is critical to growth and sustainable business performance.