We cannot control what is happening to our world today, but we can still control how we deal with what is around us. We can adapt to challenges and overcome them. Reskilling is to learn new things, completely different from our usual expertise, while upskilling is to update our current knowledge and skills to strengthen them.

  • Where is the market moving and where do you see your organisation in the context of that shift?
  • Do you want to move where everyone else is thriving, or do you want to carve out a new path? 
  • Are the existing skills of your employees good and up-to-date enough to cope with the rising needs and demands of the future market?
  • What your employees need most to prepare for the challenges ahead?
  • How can reskilling and upskilling help your employees surmount the problems you’re seeing?
  • How do you know which one your employees need?
  • Are there any challenges existing within your organisation that might hinder the process of learning and adapting for your employees?
  • How can you help your employees become more comfortable on their learning journey?
  • How committed are you in preparing your people to become future-proof?