There are books what can change your life. And there are books what can change the life of all those who work in your firm.

Would you like to embrace change? Are you looking for inspiration to the future of work? Here are 3 books to add to your reading list!

Ravin Jesuthasan & John Boudreau: Work without Jobs

Work is traditionally understood as a “job,” and workers as “jobholders.” In Work without Jobs, R. Jesuthasan and J. Boudreau propose a radically new way of looking at work. They describe a new “work operating system” that deconstructs jobs into their component parts and reconstructs these components into more optimal combinations that reflect the skills and abilities of individual workers.

The book presents real-world cases that show how leading organizations are embracing work deconstruction and reinvention. It’s time for organizations to reboot their work operating system, and Work without Jobs offers an essential guide for doing so.

Lynda Gratton: Redesigning work

We are experiencing the greatest global shift in the world of work for a century. So, how do we make the most of this unique opportunity and radically redesign the way we work – forever? Lynda Gratton presents her innovative four step framework for redesigning work that will help you:

  1. Understand the challenges your business is facing
  2. Reimagine creative, new approaches and processes
  3. Model and Test these within your organisation
  4. Act and Create based on contemporary, data-led feedback

Lynda’s book couldn’t come at a better time as every CEO and their senior team grapple with the future of work. It’s unlikely that companies will immediately know the best way to change which is why Lynda’s practical advice will be highly valued by the business world.

Lynda’s book is a brilliant provocation to help challenge perceptions, habits and priorities, and help us all create workplaces that provide good work that benefits individuals, businesses and the economy.

Chris Dyer & Kim Shepherd: Remote Work: Redesign Processes, Practices and Strategies to Engage a Remote Workforce 

How can I develop a team if they’re not in the same place? How can I build a company culture that works for employees in an office, working at home and in co-work spaces? How can I maintain organizational oversight if I can’t see my employees?

Remote Work answers all these questions and more and provides guidance on how to build a successful remote working strategy that engages employees, allows them to perform to their full potential and improves business performance.

All 3 books are available on Amazon.
Good reading!